About Us


Been there, Done that, Got the T-Shirt !!

Ken and Pebble have been involved in planning mission trips for over 20 years. They have handled the logistics, worked on fund raisers, planned and cooked meals for large groups, been the keynote speakers and worked on site as contractors. They can truthfully say that they have been there, done that and have the t-shirts (Ken still has the T-shirt from the first mission trip they attended as sponsors). They both have a heart for missions and young people.


A little about Ken

Ken has been a successful businessman for over 30 years. He has worked in management for banks, the nation's largest Fast Lube company,  the nation's largest RV consignment dealer and was the Chief Operating Officer for a prominent Houston personal injury attorney . He has a passion for organization and missions.


A little about Pebble (yes, that's her real name)

Pebble is a retired school teacher, having taught science and coached in the public school system for over 29 years. She understands how to connect to young people and help them to reach their true potential. She also has a love for people and God has blessed her with the gift of compassion. Pebble never meets a stranger and is always on the lookout for someone she can help.