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What is GOO?


What is GOO? GOO is simply a God Ordained Opportunity! These are opportunities that God puts in front of us every day, it's up to us to take advantage of them. Our response to these opportunities will lead to multiple blessings and even more opportunities. We believe that Mission Trips, Retreats and Camps are a great example of GOO!

Who is GOO?


The GOO Group is the vision of our founders, Ken and Pebble. Our goal is to assist you with the logistical planning for your Event or GOO so that you can concentrate on the true purpose of the trip - bringing people into a closer relationship with Jesus Christ. We want your GOO to be successful and as stress free as possible.

Why GOO?


We have the experience, knowledge and contacts to assist you with everything from fund raisers, transportation, supplies, choosing a theme, selecting a speaker and even meal planning. Our staff has been involved in logistics for over 20 years throughout Mexico, Arkansas, Texas, Arizona and New Mexico.  


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For additional information on how we can help, contact us at info@thegoogroup.com

The GOO Group

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